Your geo-located weather data at your fingertips​

Get weather updates in real-time

Real-time data

Installed near your crops, SOWIT agro-weather sensors accurately measure the parameters likely to impact your crops and the organization of your field work.

Données en temps réel
Optimisation des apports sans efforts

Effortless input optimization

Thanks to SOWIT’s agro-meteo dashbaord, view the weather data from your sensors in real time from your mobile or computer. To make the right decisions and increase your yields.

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Ease of use

Fonctionnement en 3 étapes

3-step operation

  1. Access your dashboard to track tractor routes, consumption, and driver behavior
  2. Receive alerts when thresholds you define are crossed
  3. Get comprehensive weekly reports on the use of your motorized asset

Discover other features


Air humidity

Monitor the humidity of the air and anticipate the risks, particularly fungal.

Temperature check

Air temperature

Accurately monitor the temperature and its amplitudes to anticipate risks, particularly hot winds



Track your rainfall and totals to optimize your operations

Service Annexe

Additional Service

Use SOWATER to obtain the evapotranspiration (Et0) and the crop coefficient (Kc) allowing you to intervene effectively

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