Access your soil's water and saline status on your phone

A probe connected, reliable and easy to use

Measurement accuracy

Installed as close as possible to the roots, the SOWIT capacitive probe accurately measures the volumetric water content and temperature of your soil at the desired horizon.
Précision des mesures
Simplicité et fiabilité

Simplicity and reliability

Volumetric water content is a reliable and universal measurement. It adapts to all types of crops and soils. Use this data to optimize your irrigation and ensure that you are not over-excessive or water-stressed.

Effortless input optimization

You can easily follow the evolution of the volumetric soil water content of your plots using a customizable alert system.
Optimisation des apports sans efforts
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Ease of use

Fonctionnement en 3 étapes

3-step operation

  1. Access your dashboard to track tractor routes, consumption, and driver behavior
  2. Receive alerts when thresholds you define are crossed
  3. Get comprehensive weekly reports on the use of your motorized asset

Discover other features


Soil moisture

Follow the volumetric humidity of your soil to know its status in real time (Saturation, comfort, vigilance and stress)

Temperature check

Soil temperature

Monitor the temperatures of your surface soils in real time and avoid germination problems


Soil conductivity

Follow the potential of your soils and measure salinity and the effects of irrigation in real time

Service Annexe

Additional Service

Combine your SOWATER measurements to obtain the evapotranspiration (Et0) and the crop coefficient (Kc) to intervene effectively

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