Bridging the information gap across the
African agricultural value chain

SOWIT’s intelligence impacts the farming world by feeding real-world data to agriculture & environment decision makers.

Our technologies provide farmers and Ag (Food, Financial, Gov) with the data they need, via a core platform.

In Africa, many farmers do not have access to weather data and very few banks rely on a data-driven farmer credit scoring system.

Access to this type of intelligence and data helps bridge the information gap that both farmers and Ag organizations suffer from when making decisions. 

The SOWIT platforms provide farmers with actionable insights regarding their land(s), that help them efficiently manage their farms and optimize their productions, while also providing data to Ag organizations that help them mitigate risk, manage investments, and performance.

Precision agriculture for Africa

SOWIT’s know-how in precision agriculture is based on agronomic expertise, artificial intelligence and remote sensing. Know-how made accessible via simple applications.

Why blindly apply fertilizer when you can know exactly how much you need? Why over-irrigate when it harms the environment and increases phytosanitary risks? Why sell your production without really knowing its quantity and depending on the buyer’s estimate?

SOWIT answers these questions and offers the farmer additional leverage to deal with increasingly fluctuating and demanding markets and declining margins.

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