Estimate your production!

Predict your citrus or mango production with a 5% error and up to 2 months before the harvest.

Estimate your productions with precision

A precise estimate of your productions

It is now possible to precisely estimate your land’s production. Obtain production estimates up to 2 months prior to harvest and transmit quality forecasts to your team(s) and partner(s).

The SoYield mobile app helps you take a guided photoshoot of your trees to calculate your yields in just a few minutes. 

In addition, control the harvest with precise production data per plot and direct labor and logistics in the most efficient way possible by monitoring your harvest sites as required.

Une estimation précise de vos productions
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Ease of use

Estimer vos productions avec précision

Estimate your productions with precision

  1. Select your plot

  2. Photograph “control” trees

  3. Get your returns in minutes

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Discover other features


Production estimate

Use your smartphone to accurately predict your production up to 2 months before harvest


Optimization of logistics and sales

Save money by adapting your logistics to the expected harvest



Plan the sale or purchase of crops on an accurate and well founded estimate of the quantity


Additional Service

Connect to the Dashboard to access the global management of your production statistics

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