Ensile at the best time

Consideration of intra-plot heterogeneity and monitoring of dry matter content to improve forage quality.

Improving the quality of your forage

The quality of your forage is our priority

SODRY is a decision support tool for determining the optimal harvest date of your corn silage for an ideal distribution of dry matter content.

The solution was born from a simple observation: the quality of corn silage is challenged by determining a silage date allowing a good dry matter content of 32-35%. This problem is all the more important for maize silage intended for dairy production.

La qualité de votre fourrage est notre priorité

Ease of use

Pilotage de votre maïs ensilage en 3 temps

Management of your maize silage in 3 steps

  1. Select your plot

  2. Fill in your culture information

  3. Take advice and ensile


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Zoning your dry matter and identifying early zones

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Alert 1 to 2 weeks before the optimal silage date

Donnée météo

Weather Tracker

Daily weather monitoring to prevent dry matter leaks

Service Annexe

Additional Service

Field inspection of issues generating MS differences

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